Creative potential,
rich imagination,
eye skill and
generosity of spirit,
which Mosinger had
and demonstrated,
represent the best
for his engagement
in Montenegro
for the celebration
of 50-year jubilee
of rule King
Nikola I
Petrovic and
because of
that Montenegro
become a kingdom.






















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Note: It is often the last couple of years in the press nagađalo about tiražu albums vladalačke houses Petrovic-Njegoš. On this occasion we deliberately citirali this part of the text Maja Alilović which refers to a number of outside tiražnih copies. We believe that in this work to try to light a verifiable fact that razaberemo try something more about this segment, which regards pomenutog albums, before the team which is the kooautor of this work, as the owner of a copy of the album, Periša Lainović, in a certain way in this involviran story. The fact is, on the basis of what the press predočeno by the public, that there is no agreement about the total tiraža, or about tiraža luxury or even ordinary copies. On the contrary stiče the impression that quite arbitrarily mention a specific tiraži, which somewhat liči on a licitiranje and valuation of certain primjeraka.No we will not engage in time but will be to try to determine the importance and value of this album has so what we principle uzročnosti all sagledati the essential elements that are available to us on the basis of preserved items.
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Note: Rudi Jelic, Chairman of the Committee for Social Affairs in the Municipality Council of the Federal Republic of the Parliament of Croatia, who, in mid-seventies, was a middleman in uručivanju gifts jubilarnog albums, the National Museum of the Federal Republic of Montenegro, in his letter claims that Mosinger odlikovan Danilovim baptism level IV. He cites a number of documents the Ministry of Foreign works - 1392 from May 1911. year. Did not find mentioned act, but we are listed under the number 1392, which was recorded at fascikli No.191, DACG, found the reverse, which was signed odlikovani: Rudolf Neuberger, Stefan Shwartz and Friedrich Shamattinger. I Rudija Jelića memo has yet imprecise. Specifically he Rudolf Mosingera mentioned as the author of the first Montenegrin marks, which is netačno, then claims that the album that uručuje gift Mosingerove unuke, although the sheath stands signature Milo Popovic Mosinger. Mila Mosinger was the daughter-in-law Rudolf Mosingera and the owner of this album, which was donated to the National Museum of Cetinje.


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